Warwick School District

100+ Kissel Hill Elementary Students Complete Summer Reading Challenge

On Friday, September 14th, 2018,over 100 Kissel Hill Elementary School students in kindergarten through sixth grade were awarded a reading medal and a certificate for completing their “Camp Out With a Book“ summer reading challenge. The students received a game board and bookmark at the end of last school year to complete over the summer. Each "s'more" on the bookmark represented 15 minutes of reading! In addition to the bookmark, students needed to complete 10 game board activities that involved reading and writing. Overall, the summer reading program was a great success.  

Kissel Hill Reading Specialist Mrs. Lauren Leitzel organized the "Camp Out With a Book" Challenge.

Congratulations to the following students who met the summer reading challenge:

Kindergarten: Mason Richards, Kolby Szobocsan, Meredith Resnick, Joel Bowen, Jackson McDevitt, Kylie Steinman, Charlotte Ziegler, Beckett Miller, Lakota Hudock, Brennan Schutt, Jon Lease, Rocco Muro, Leah Matus, Arya Jones, Jack Maza, Charlie Lopez, Josiah Clark and Solomon Kreider. 

First Grade: Lillian Boyle, Ellie Crosby, Bree Brubaker, Alex Nickel, Hudson Buhler, Jackson Mearig, Sophia Montpetit, Hannah Jackson, Finn Mitchley, Jackson Kratzer, Morgan Miller, Violet Chap, Makenzee Miller, Addison Fry, Tucker Brumbaugh, Brooke Strauss and Michael Ruscigno. 

Second Grade:  Joey Diffenderfer, Zack Bruckhart, Josie, Meier, Chase Lord, William DiPerna, Johnny Vassallo, Claudia Clausen, Braden Bellows, Erica Watts, Nick Shay, Joshua Leakway, Mercy Boyle, Anna Shirk-Stoltzfus, Kayla Minjock, Michael Harris and Lily Patterson. 

Third Grade:  Aubrianna Muller, MaKenzie Szobocsan, Miles McGinty, Sean Master, Logan McDevitt, Justin Moll, Kaitlyn Shoff, Chase Strauss, Adrianna Muro, Sarah Sneidman, Anya Dwivedi, Nate Resnick, Reese Shelley, Mallory Bish, Alison Figueroa Lopez, Lily Cromer, Madelyn Kratzer, Miriam Jackson, Dylan Rineer, Brady Weidman, Ian Hough, Tannis Hudock and Derek Hummer.

Fourth Grade:  Zoey Weidman, Jack Packer, Max Mitchley, Timothy Jackson, Cameron Bock, Emily Hess, Chris Williams, Hannah Trovinger, Kara Myers, Lucy Taylor, Mara Moyer and Brody Miller.  

Sixth Grade:   Tony Henry, Ameira Darwish, Paige Riportella, Eric Bruckhart, Rayna Minjock, Gabby O’Connor, Vera Roth, Fernando Figueroa-Lopez, Jordan Mearig, Owen Gebhard, Ethan Rineer, Harry Schweigert, Riley Good, Sarah Trovinger, Mason Bish, Ian Davis, Giulia Gelardi  Jillian Dougherty, Connor Shoff, Billy Wingard, Jacob Soslow, Riley Taylor, Kate Hough, Andrew Jackson, Sarah Miller, Emily Hough, Zach Weiser, Ansh Dwivedi, Jack Rhodes, Trey Mitchell, Taylor Miller and Olivia Hess.