Warwick School District

Warwick Receives Two Grants For School Safety Programs

The Warwick School District was selected by the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s Office for Safe Schools to receive two separate grants for school safety.   

The first grant is the 2018-19 Safe Schools Targeted School Police Officer Grant in the amount of $40,000. This will go directly to the school police officer program.

The second grant, Safe Schools Targeted School Resource Officer Grant in the amount of $60,000 will fund the school resource officer program at the Warwick School District.   

“Our district is greatly appreciative of PDE for supporting safety in our schools by giving Warwick the opportunity for this grant,” stated Dr. Ryan Axe, Director of Secondary Education for Warwick. 

The grant award is separate from the School Safety and Security Grant Program administered by the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency in accordance with Act 44 of 2018.