Warwick School District

Middle School Students Raise $1500 for American Heart Association

This year the students at Warwick Middle School raised a total of $1500 to donate to the American Heart Association as part of “Hoops for Hope.”The students raising the most money from the dodgeball and volleyball tournaments had the the opportunity to turn Warwick Middle School Principal, Mr. Szobocsan, into a human sundae — on his actual birthday no less.

The money that was raised goes to American Heart Association research efforts and local community activities that support CPR and wellness education.

“Warwick Middle School has supported this cause for years and I always look forward to coming to the events that Mr. Blake Bender and his team put together,” stated Molly Emrich from the American Heart Association.“They make it so fun and it’s great to see the students active and keeping their hearts healthy.”

Members from the winning teams got to shower Mr. Szobocsan with ice cream and various toppings.A human sundae he most certainly was.