Warwick School District

Important Message Regarding Lead Testing

The Warwick School District would like to communicate that there is no reason for concern regarding lead in the water throughout the school buildings.  

The district has been proactive with lead testing since 2016, having the most recent test done within the last two weeks.  

The preliminary reports for that testing look clean, final results will be delivered in the spring.  All information will be communicated at that time.

A letter was sent out to families from UnitedHealthcare in response to reports of elevated lead levels in some school districts in the area.  Warwick would like to reiterate that this letter was not specific to the district. Warwick School District was not reported to have elevated lead levels, but some members in the district may have been included in the mailing group from UHC based on their zip codes.

If you received the letter from UnitedHealthcare, please call the number listed on the letter for more information and/or clarification. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact Dr. Melanie Calender, Assistant Superintendent at 717-626-3734.