Warwick School District

Warwick Writers Earn 2019 Scholastic Honors

This year Warwick had a number of students at the high school and middle school level earn Scholastic Awards recognition.  

Students submitted work in the poetry or short story, science fiction, or personal essay category. There are over 20+ different categories that work could be submitted for. Teens in grades 7-12 from the public, private or home schools can apply for categories in art and writing. Warwick students compete against others within the northeast region.  The students have been working on these pieces since the beginning of the school year and continue until their work is submitted in December.Often times work for the Scholastic Awards is not in conjunction with a school assignment, but rather completed outside of school hours.

“All the students who entered the Scholastic Writing Contest this year should be applauded for their creativity and courage to express themselves and to offer their work to a larger audience,” stated Mrs. Wendy Hoyer, Language Arts teacher at the Warwick Middle School.  

Warwick has a long proud history of success in the Scholastic Writing Contest.  This year Warwick had 12 middle school and six high school students who were recognized for their exemplary work in the Scholastics’ Northeast Region at Large Competition.  Students receiving Gold Key awards and will move on to the national competition results from that will be available March 13th.

Congratulations to our award winners!

warwick scholastic winners

Warwick High School Scholastic Award Winners:

Hanna Abrahem - Personal Essay/Memoir, “Words Have Meaning” - Honorable Mention

Leah Charles - Personal Essay/Memoir, “Heartbroken” - Silver Key

Aliyah Gesicki - Poetry, “Swamp Song, Sorrow, An Ode to the Sunflower” - Honorable Mention

Valerie Hanna - Writing Portfolio, “The Passion Project of a Teenage Girl” - Honorable Mention

Caitlin Martin - Short Story, “Et Ex Insania Exolvuntur” - Gold Key

Kelsey Wolfe - Poetry, “Red Silk and Roses” - Honorable Mention

Warwick Middle School Scholastic Award Winners:

Jack Castellitto - Science Fiction/ Fantasy, “The Mask” - Gold Key

Laralye Emlet - Poetry, “Winter Nights” - Honorable Mention

Carly Evans - Poetry, “Love” - Honorable Mention

Xavier Flaiz - Flas Fiction, “Fear” - Silver Key

Savannah Henschel - Short Story, “Mastermind” - Honorable Mention

Grace Kegel - Short Story, “Jealousy in the Country Air” - Silver Key

Lauren Matt - Poetry, “Speaking” - Gold Key

Lauren Matt - Short Story, “A Dictator’s Last Wish” - Honorable Mention

Larissa Miller - Short Story, “A Better Place” - Silver Key

Sophia Moyer - Personal Essay/Memoir, “This is Me!” - Gold Key

Brooke Patrella - Poetry, “My Future” - Gold Key

Brenna Pipkin - Short Story, “The Document” - Silver Key

Caden Wagner - Short Story, “Locker Drugs” - Silver Key

Gold Key recipients will automatically advance to national judging in New York City where renowned creative professionals will review entries from all across the country. Jurors select works for national recognition based on three criteria: originality, technical skill, and the emergence of a personal vision or voice.