Warwick School District

Warwick High School Celebrates 21st Annual Science Fair Winners

Warwick High School recently held its 21st annual Science Fair.  The fair had a series of events from the community open house taking place Wednesday, March 6th, to the actual judging and concluding with an awards ceremony on Monday, March 11th, 2019.  

The Science Fair Community Night was well attended by students, families, and the public.  This was an opportunity for the science department to showcase some of the latest equipment that’s being used for the science fair as well as in the classroom.  

“Our goal for the community night was to get students that aren’t in the high school quite yet excited about science and to see what they may be able to do in the future,” stated Mr. Doug Blamer, a science teacher at the Warwick High School.  

Students completed projects in a variety of areas, including animal and plant sciences, biomedical and health science, chemistry, material science and much more.  After spending weeks and weeks conducting research, recording results and assembling their projects the winners of each category were announced, below are the results:

Overall Grand Champion: Elle Herritt, “The Effect of Copper Ion Concentration on the Antimicrobial Activity of Polyvinyl  Alcohol Film”

Champion: Trey Watts, “Slimy Navigator: Using Slime Mold to create more efficient roads in Pennsylvania

Reserve Champion: Elise Balmer, “The Effect of Different Fertilizers on the Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, and pH in Soil”

Animal and Plant Sciences:

1st Place: Benjamin Sedlmyer, “Finding the Max Velocity for the Production of Carbon Dioxide”

2nd Place: Rachel Bonner

3rd Place: Sarah Stygler

students win awards at science fair

Biomedical & Health Sciences:

1st Place: Alex Barney, “Colored E. Coli”

2nd Place: Haley Delgiacco

3rd Place: Ben DuBosq

Honorable Mention: Shaddy Makhlouf

Chemistry (Inorganic and Organic):

1st Place: Rebecca Hoyer, “The Effect of Biodiesel on the Heat of Combustion of Biodiesel/Diesel Blends”

2nd Place: Andrew McCracken

3rd Place: Jonathan Martin

Honorable Mentions: Andrew Matt and Darius Moreno

Earth & Environmental Sciences:

1st Place: Mary Kate Bomberger, “Cry Me a River Blue: The Effect of Magnetic Nanoparticles on the Absorption of Methylene Blue”

2nd Place: Leah Medvedev

3rd Place: Cheria Esbenshade

Material Science:

1st Place: Gavin Troop, “Space Tiles: Can trash block space radiation?”

2nd Place: Amber Houser

3rd Place: Eva Gallagher
Honorable Mention: Sam Lynch

Microbiology, Biochemistry, & Molecular Biology:

1st Place: Hope Davis, “The Antibiotic Efficiency of Honey and Silver Nanoparticles”

2nd Place: Abigail Weaver

Honorable Mention: Aurora Neff

The Llana Clauss Student High School Science Fair Coordinator Award: Parker Keares

The People’s Choice Award for the most popular project at Community Night: Benjamin Sedlmyer

Congratulations to all the participants in this year's science fair.  Projects will now be submitted to the 67th Annual North Museum Science and Engineering Fair happening Thursday, March 14th at Millersville University.