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Director of Technology
    - Mr. Fred Griffiths
Assistant Director of Technology
    - Mrs. Beth Hartranft  Mail To Icon


Technical Support Assistant
    - Mrs. Kim Clugston  Mail To Icon
Technology Integration Coach
    - Mrs. Shelly Chmil  Mail To Icon
Systems Specialist
    - Mrs. Nancy Reddig  Mail To Icon
    - Mr. William Heesen  Mail To Icon
    - Mr. Jason Simon  Mail To Icon
Network Administrator
    - Mr. Shawn Beamenderfer  Mail To Icon
Network and Computer Systems Coordinator
    - Mr. Matthew Jerchau  Mail To Icon
Technology Support Specialist
    - Mr. Adam Kowalczyk  Mail To Icon
Technology Support Specialist
    - Mr. Ernie Speros  Mail To Icon
Technology Support Specialist
    - Mrs. Selena Caplinger  Mail To Icon
Technical Support Assistant
    - Mrs. Huong Glenn  Mail To Icon
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