Warwick High School

Class Information

Scroll through this page for information about Classroom Expectations and the World Language Department's Grading Policy.

Classroom expectations

I'm looking forward to a great year together!  We will be learning lots of wonderful things about the German language and culture.  Below you will find my rules and procedures to help ensure a good learning environment in our classroom.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.  My school email address is wandrews@warwicksd.org. Danke!

Rules and Procedures

  1. Be on time!  You should be in your seat and ready to begin when the bell rings.
  2. Be prepared! You will need your laptop, a 3-ring binder or folder, homework, and a pencil everyday unless otherwise instructed.
  3. Follow directions!  We will be doing a variety of activities during each class period.  Following directions will save valuable class time.
  4. Participate in all classroom activities!   This includes volunteering, working independently or with partners/in groups, and joining in class discussions.
  5. Show respect to EVERYONE in the class!  Name-calling, insults, and inappropriate comments have no place in any classroom.


Overall Grade 

The course grade will be weighted and calculated as follows:  

49% Intra-Unit Assessments (graded assignments, quizzes, smaller projects/presentations/essays, etc.) and 51% End-of-Unit Assessments (cornerstone assessments, unit exams, larger projects/presentations/essays, etc.)


Reassessment will be available on upon student request and per teacher discretion to those who have completed all unit work on time and have been remediated on the subject material. Students may only reassess on grammar skill sections of an assessment, not on vocabulary-related sections or review grammar.  The reassessment will be different than the original version and the score of the reassessment will replace the original score.  The remediation and reassessment must occur as soon as possible after the original assessment.

Late Work

Graded assignments may be submitted late for reduced credit within 2 weeks (10 school days) of the original due date, with the exception of the end of each marking period.  A deduction of 10% per day will occur, with a maximum deduction of 50%, up until 2 weeks after the original due date.  Work that is submitted more than 2 weeks late or past the end of the marking period of the assignment in question will receive no credit. 

Extra Credit

Due to the availability of reassessment, no extra credit will be offered.