Lititz Elementary

Explanation of Homework Log and Planner

This is a copy of email sent to all families on 9/19/23.


Yesterday I sent the first Homework Log home with your students. This is the first year all of Second Grade is trying this new way of doing work at home. If you were not at Back to School Night, I will give you a quick breakdown of what my expectations currently are. 

First off, the plan is for this log to go home on Mondays and not be returned until the following Monday. Feel free to keep the log in a safe place at home (on your fridge) or in your student's take-home folder on the RETURN TO SCHOOL side (especially if your child travels between homes.) I will collect completed and SIGNED logs every Monday. If this log gets lost or ruined, here is a link to one you can print out. 

Next, there are 2 sides to this log. The one side is for spelling only. This Tic-Tac-Toe homework sheet changes weekly and comes with a list of words that follow the pattern we are working on. Your student is responsible for reading and spelling these words as well as words that follow similar patterns. Tests will typically take place every Friday (unless noted differently by me.) The board has a variety of fun ways your child can practice his/her words. I ask that they complete at least 2 activities weekly and those activities get initials by an adult. If your child uses separate paper to complete a task, feel free to send in their work with the log on Mondays. 

Finally, the log side is a place to plan and log reading and math fact practice. There is a note at the top of the log that encourages 5 days of reading practice (independently, to someone, or read to by someone else) and at least 3 days of +/- fact practice. Feel free to use books from home, the library, or materials I may send home. For math fact practice, flashcards, games, and online apps are a fun way to go! PLEASE REMEMBER TO HAVE YOUR CHILD CIRCLE OR COLOR IN THE APPROPRIATE SYMBOL THAT MATCHES THEIR WORK EACH DAY, AND DON'T FORGET TO SIGN THE LOG BEFORE RETURNING IT ON MONDAYS! 

Sandy Weismandel

Grade 2 Classroom Teacher


Lititz Elementary

20 South Cedar St. 

Lititz, PA 17543