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CP English 10 Class Syllabus

CP English 10 Course Syllabus

Instructor:  Dr. Joanna Lynch

E-mail:  jlynch@warwicksd.org


I am looking forward to spending this year with you.  Together, we will explore several great works of literature and broaden our understanding of the impact the English language has on our lives.  As a teacher, it’s my job to teach you the skills necessary for you to find success in school and life, and also instill in you an appreciation and passion for life-long learning.  I encourage you to share your ideas during class discussions and through your writing, and I believe we can learn much from each other throughout the year.  Please come to class prepared, with a great attitude, and be ready to learn.  This will ensure that we all have a great year, and that you are well-prepared for the Keystone Exam in May!  Topics we will cover this year include literature—novels, short stories, poetry, and non-fiction works, writing, vocabulary, research, and grammar.

We will read from the following selected works

The Pearl (Steinbeck)  Required

Animal Farm (Orwell)  Required

Fahrenheit 451 (Bradbury)


Dry (Shusterman)

Romeo and Juliet (Shakespeare).  Required

I am Noojood, Age 10 and Divorced (Ali)


The Bite of the Mango (Kamara/McClelland)

Our Town (Wilder)


Twelve Angry Men (Rose)

***A Separate Peace (Knowles) (only if time is available)

Short Stories


Non-fiction writings                         

(English 10 only below)


Bless the Beasts and Children

Where the Lilies Bloom


Grade Scale:  90 – 100   A

                        80 – 89     B

                        70 – 79     C

                        60 – 69     D

                        under 60  F

You will be assessed via the following types of assignments: 

Grades will be calculated on a total points system.  Papers and projects will be accompanied by a rubric that will define the expectations and point values for each assignment.  Below is an explanation of the types of assignments you will receive in my class.

  1. Class Work:  This involves any individual or group work that is done in class, including participation, journaling, notebook checks, etc.
  2. Vocabulary Homework and Quizzes:  We study vocabulary in two-week cycles.  Each cycle will consist of defining vocabulary works, practical assignments that teach you how to properly use vocabulary, and a quiz at the end of each cycle. 
  3. Formal Writing and Speaking:  Each quarter you will write one formal essay that will involve all phases of the writing process.  Some essays may be centered on a work of fiction we are studying at the time.  Others may not.  You may also be asked to present your essays to the class.  Each essay and/or formal speaking experience will be graded using a rubric that outlines expectations.
  4. Novel, Short Story, Poetry, Play unit projects:  Each unit will have a culminating project that relates to the work we are studying.  Projects will be presented to the class and each project will be accompanied by a rubric outlining expectations at the time the project is assigned.
  5. Readings and Reading Responses:  You will be required to do reading both in and out of class.  For outside readings you may be quizzed on what you read.  In order to be prepared for class discussions it is essential that you do any assigned outside class readings.
  6. Unit Tests/Quizzes:  Each unit will usually have a culminating test or quiz at the end of each unit.
  7. Keystone Exam:  This is 20% of your entire grade for the year.  (no midterm or final exam as Keystone takes the place of these.

Grades are weighted and will be applied to the following categories:

Intra Unit Assessments: 45%

End of Unit Assessments:  55%

There are 4 Cornerstone Assessments Required of all 10th Grade Students:

            1.  One Paragraph Essay.    Q1

            2.  Keystone Vocabulary    Q2

            3.  Research Paper              Q3

            4.  Speech                              Q4

Suggested Materials Needed for Class

  1. Three ring binder/notebook with folder
  2. Lined paper
  3. Blue/black pens
  4. Pencils and erasers

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