Warwick High School

Assignment Links in WebGrades

Many of you check Webgrades regularly, which is good.  I sometimes get the question "I have an assignment missing, what is it?"  In order to help students answer this question for themselves, I link assignments in Webgrades to a copy of the assignment.  

How does this work?
Paper Assignments:
If you click on the name of the assignment in web grades, you will be taken to a PDF copy of the assignment shared via Google Drive.  Share settings are set so that you do not need a Google account to view the PDF.
Example, click on 'Room Map Assignment'.  The PDF that opens IS the assignment.
Digital Assignments:
A link to the assignment in Google Classroom, Moodle, or EdPuzzle will be connected to the assignment name.  Click on the assignment name and you will be taken to the assignment.