Warwick Middle School

FAQ Page

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is it safe for students to use such big equipment?

A: Absolutely.  We take the time to thoroughly cover each machine and every student gets to practice using the machines under direct supervision. Safety standards are taught and enforced from day one. All students must pass a knowledge test with a minimum score of 90% before they can run the equipment.  As long as students follow instructions and pay attention to what they are doing, the risk remains low.

Q: What if I'm not good at building or making things?

A: That's okay! The course is designed to educate students about the content, not necessarily to create master craftspeople.  Typically everyone's skill level and confidence increase over the course of the semester which is a great byproduct, but not necessarily the end game.  The most important question to answer is, "Did you learn something about design and manufacturing?"

Q: Why is there a $10.00 lab fee for this course?

A: Unfortunately, the cost of materials (wood, felt, 3D filament, vinyl, etc.) and consumables (saw blades, adhesives, fasteners, finish, etc.) continues to rise.  The lab fees help to offset the rising costs of these materials.  The class budget is used for equipment maintenance and purchases, etc.  We do our very best to minimize waste and to extend the life of consumables where feasible, all in effort to keep costs as minimal as possible.  If there are questions or issues with the lab fees, please feel free to email Mr. Oberholtzer at your convenience.

Q:  Will I get to keep my solution or prototype?

A:  Yes!  Students will be able to take their prototypes home with them at the end of the course.

Q: I just had my hair done.  Do I REALLY have to tie it back?

A:  Yes.  Moving blades and spindles can grab long hair and wrap it up (along with YOU) in a fraction of a second...faster than any human can react.  By the time you realize what is happening, it is already too late. Hair ties are provided if you don't have your own.

Q: Can I come in with my student and work on an outside project with them?

A: Unfortunately we cannot allow this at this time.  As a department, one of our dreams is to be able to open a school-based "MakerSpace" either here at the Middle School, or at the High School, however, there are many financial, legal, and logistical hurdles currently barring the way.  If you do need a workspace to complete personal projects, MAKE 717, in Lancaster City is a great option.