Lititz Elementary


I will not be sending home typical "homework" that is to be completed each night. Instead, I will be sending home practice activities and ideas that can be completed at your family's convenience. My hope is to encourage families to practice academic skills at home in a fun and flexible way. See below for descriptions of what you can expect to come home:

Every month your child will bring home a calendar listed with fun learning activities. Use this as a guide for what you should be practicing at home. Please do not feel that you have to do everything listed on the calendar. They are just suggestions. If your child completes the calendar and hands it in at the end of the month, they can pick a prize from the prize bin! 

I strongly suggest the following skills be practiced daily:
Read to your student and have him/her read to you. Read sight words (using flashcards received at the beginning of the year).Practice letter names & sounds.Complete activity suggestions on monthly homework calendars

Occasionally, a home project will be sent home. These will be clearly marked and explained and sent home in your child's folder with a due date. 
 In addition to these academic tasks, you can help your kindergarten student by providing them opportunities to practice: shoe tying, zipping/snapping/buttoning coat, and reciting address, phone number, and birthday.