J R Bonfield Elementary

Instrumental Music Overview

Elementary Instrumental Music Overview 2023-24

I.  Lessons:  Check website calendar for cycle days

     A. Each student is assigned a free lesson during the school day. (One lesson per 6 day cycle.)

     B. Band II class is for 2nd & 3rd year students.  Band I class is for 1st year students.

     C. Students grouped by similar instruments

     D. Students need to bring the following items to each lesson:

          * instrument,  lesson book, assigned music, pencil, and laptop

          * other necessary items (rosin, shoulder sponge, reeds, oil, mouthpieces, sticks, etc.)

II. Practice:

     A.  Students will have the most success by practicing at least five days per week.

     B.  Students are expected (with parental assistance) to develop and to maintain a regular schedule of 

           individual practice.

     C. Student needs to take instrument home on lesson day.

III.  Google Classroom:

      A. Class label = Instrumental Music (Day #) Teacher Name 23-24        

      B. Teacher will post Practice Guides including Assignments & Goals. Hard copies available

IV.  Communication – Email & Remind app