Warwick High School

Tools for Academic Success Communication (September 2023)

About Our Class

Students will learn self-advocacy, study strategies, and prepare for post-secondary goals. The course will be graded using self assessments and teacher assessments and checklists based upon the course essential questions.


Students are reminded daily in class to check their grade books and search for missing assignments. Remind students to follow up regarding missing assignments in other classes!

Check-in with your student regarding upcoming tests and assignments. Students will be practicing reaching out to teachers if they are confused about assignment directions or upcoming assessments.


During the month of September, students will focus on organization and tracking assignments. We will be reviewing a variety of tools to track assignments such as Google Calendar, paper calendars, Google Classroom, and more! In addition, we will discuss and review positive and professional communication between teachers and students. This will include mini lessons on email writing.

Weekly Log

Every week students will complete a weekly log for a grade. This will provide students the opportunity to reflect on their current grades, organizational methods, missing assignments, and notate any upcoming assignments that need to still be completed.