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Simple Exercises - Summer and Beyond

Summer Activities (simple acti

Ideas for home to work on balance, coordination, motor planning, and strength

Stand or walk on lines on the floor (one foot in front of the other). If you don’t have lines on your flooring try using painter’s tape or green frog tape to make a straight line (you can try to make curvy lines too). You can also walk on the edge of the sidewalk in a safe location with a parent present.

Practice tossing a balloon back and forth or a ball back and forth while standing on 1 leg.

Make an obstacle course out of cushions or pillows – try moving around, under, and over obstacles.

Practice hopping onto targets – use painter’s tape or make a course outside with chalk

Use a jump rope and try to walk over it, under it, or jump over it.  It is also fun to wiggle it and jump over it.

Practice kicking empty soda bottles one at a time.

Practice bowling using a soft ball and empty soda bottles.

Practice throwing and catching using a variety of balls.

Practice running up to and kicking a ball or practice kicking a moving ball. You can also use beach balls for a softer and safer experience.

Practice throwing a ball at a wall and catching it.

Practice throwing a ball at a target.

Practice some yoga poses – don’t recommend the fish or the bow pose

Cosmic Kids Yoga has some great games and stories using a variety of postures -

Play freeze tag

Dance or freeze dance or play musical chairs

Play red light green light

Jump into a puddle or jump over small objects

Create a mini Olympics in your back yard. Try a variety of activities and challenge your parents and friends.

Try the Lazy monster app -

Try balancing on a variety of surfaces such as a pillow, grass, sofa cushion, etc. but always have a parent present and make sure your space is safe. Try throwing a bean bag, rolled up sock, or beach ball while standing on one of these surfaces but again make sure your space is safe.

Take a walk or a run. You can even time yourself and see how far and how fast you can go or do timed run.

Go to the playground and have some fun.

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